An EO3 Coach has the ability to create programs for specific objectives, effective training sessions, nutrition guidelines, strategies for training different methods and systems, and much, much more.



Jerred Moon

Jerred is the Founder & CEO of End of Three Fitness and former Physical Training Leader and Unit Fitness Program Manager in Air Force Special Operations Command and head coach here at End of Three Fitness. With his team, Jerred  and EO3 have now helped over 5,000 athletes see results. Jerred spends most of his time coaching and programming for athletes and working with other coaches to help develop their skills to be the most well-rounded coaches possible. 

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Joe Courtney

After leaving active duty Joe got hooked into CrossFit for a few years, earned his Level 1 Certification and started coaching. During his years CrossFit he discovered End of Three Fitness because he was lacking strength programing (“CrossFit will make you weak” was the exact Eo3 article). He began Training with Eo3 and has been a part of the community for 5 years. Now helping the Eo3 community grow and learn full-time along side Jerred, staying classy.

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Ashley Hicks

Ashley is a military spouse who has been involved with fitness throughout all stages of life. Soccer was the doorway for her love of competitive sports that eventually led her to CrossFit in 2012. She began competing almost immediately and continued to fall in love with learning new skills and becoming the best version of herself. In 2016 Ashley earned her CrossFit Level 1 certification and served as both founder and coach of Aces Wild CrossFit at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

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Kyle Shrum

After playing football during middle and high school, he decided to take a break from working out, and struggled to find the motivation to get after it again. While struggling with his weight and overall health all his life, Kyle tried many different approaches to getting fit. Memberships at multiple globo gyms, CrossFit in a friend’s garage, long distance running, any number of strength programs and fad diets; all of these are part of his fitness journey.
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Joseph VonDohlen

Joseph is a 15-year active duty Air Force veteran. When he’s not circumnavigating the globe as a Career Enlisted Aviator or training to be more durable, Joseph is a full-time husband and father of two young girls. In early 2014, after riding the bodybuilding train the past 2 years, he dislocated a shoulder during an obstacle course race – realizing he was too easy to kill. Determined to be anti-fragile, Joseph began an exercise science degree and dabbled in the world of CrossFit, eventually earning his CrossFit Level 1 and Weightlifting certifications in 2016.

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Douglas Alexander

Doug's greatest satisfaction as a coach is having his athletes share their accomplishments. Whether it’s a new PR, a faster race time, or even the ability to carry heavy furniture up the stairs. He takes pride and joy in helping people to become better versions of themselves. Being an older athlete and professional, he brings a sense of perspective and understanding for the struggles that most people encounter when they are struggling to become a better human.

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Todd Bowman

Todd began coaching because he passionately believes in sharing the life-changing benefits of fitness. His goal as a fitness coach is to inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes, and he has found that scalable intensity and commitment to functional movement makes it the perfect program for individuals of all ages and abilities. Todd believes that the psychology of strength and conditioning training plays a vital role in the success of our services and online programs. He fosters a positive training environment to help clients overcome self-doubt or perceived limitations to achieve their full potential.

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Frank Palmisano

Frank found EO3 Fitness in 2013 and began training the right way. From the start he knew the EO3 methods were for him. Now, in 2017 he's stronger than he's have ever been and his conditioning is improving with every training day. As an EO3 coach he's ready to help other individuals on their fitness journey.

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Josh Kiker

Josh is prior service Army, Engineer, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Garage Gym Athlete, husband, dad, and follower of Christ. He's spent the last three years doing independent study on nutrition, strength and endurance training and recently joined the ranks at End of Three Fitness to help others excel in their fitness journey. 

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Josh Franz

Josh has a background in military and combat sports and also strength and conditioning. He has been involved in military fitness training for over three years through Army ROTC and the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. Additionally, he has experience with training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

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Nick DuBose

Nicks quest for well thought-out programming (not just random workouts) led him to EO3, where he found objective, evidence-based programming that actually helps people move towards specific goals. After trying out the One Man One Barbell system, Nick joined Garage Gym Athlete and was hooked! Then a year as a Garage Gym Athlete seeing amazing results, Nick wanted to learn more and understand the “why” behind the programming, so he jumped at the opportunity to become a coach and help others crush their goals the way EO3 had helped him.

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Keith Stockwell

Keith Stockwell is a full-time husband, father, EO3 Coach and Garage Gym Athlete. When he’s not coaching, he’s an executive in the entertainment industry for over a decade. He’s also a Spartan SGX Coach and competitive Obstacle Course Race athlete.
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Chris Ruano

Chris is a active, professional firefighter with over 20 years of experience in the Fire Service, currently leading Wildland Air Attack and ground based Fire Crews in Southern California. Chris’ passion for programming and coaching was birthed out of his desire to create effective and high-quality fitness programs for the arduous duties of Civil Service Athletes. Chris has been a training exclusively in Garage Gyms, at his home or Fire Dept facilities for over 12 years.
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Matthew Fiebig

I started lifting in 2011 when I began college. I ventured to the campus recreation center and started picking up weights. I consider myself self taught, but had lots of help from friends along the way. They did mostly powerlifting work, so that’s what I ended up doing. I also played quidditch - great for cardio (I suggest youtube-ing it).
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Evan Halquist

I have been a firefighter for the last 12 years. I want to be prepared to do my job well and reduce my risk of injuries. This has shaped my approach to how I train as well as how I train others. Fitness is about building you up and not breaking you down. At the Los Angeles County Fire Department I am currently in charge of recruit fitness at our training academy. I am also a peer fitness trainer for the department.
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Kenneth Rix

Kenneth Is health and Fitness person that lives for helping other getting faster, stronger, healthier within there own life with family job and all the other stuff. With a background as a professional chef and a master in health and nutrition combiend with the love of strength and fitness, he opened a small studio style gym in 2013.
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Sarah Skedsvold

Sarah Skedsvold is a CrossFit Coach in Fargo, ND. She is a former full-time, and current part-time member of the North Dakota Army National Guard as well. While serving as a full-time Soldier, Sarah completed the End of Three Coaching Certification Course through End of Three Fitness, earned the title of Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer through CrossFit Headquarters. As a member of the military, Sarah maintained a higher than average level of physical fitness throughout her adult life.
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Susan Chase

Susan began to take control of her health and fitness by founding Benton County Roller Derby in Northwest Arkansas in 2010. She trained and coached skaters for five years before relocating with her family to Kansas City in 2016 where she continues to train skaters for Fountain City Roller Derby. Dedicated to improving herself she achieved NASM certification as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist in 2017.
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Jace Albright

Jace is a happily married father of 3 kids and a doctor of physical therapy and a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist who works in an outpatient orthopedic and sports physical therapy system. He has a passion for working with tactical athletes and helping get them back to active duty. Outside of physical therapy, he teaches undergraduate and graduate level Kinesiology and Exercise Science classes and spends time trying to help his three kids develop a passion for playing and being active.
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Aaron Jackson

Aaron has always been interested and active in many sports from a young age including Rugby League, skateboarding and Surf Life Saving. Through these sports he has enjoyed learning new skills and continuingly working to improve himself through fitness and technique. At around 17 years of age Aaron focussed on becoming the best Surf Boat Rower he could, which has lead to numerous state titles and representative achievements, 5 national titles (1 x relay, 2x under 23 Men, 2x Open Men Championships) and 1 x National representative honours at Open level. 
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Marc Hoffmeister

Marc is an active duty US Army officer with thirty years in uniform and multiple combat deployments. His competitive athletic background encompasses all distance triathlon, mountain biking, running and adventure racing in all formats from sprint to expedition racing at a national and international level, having competed in some premier venues to include the Leadville 100 MTB, Boston Marathon, multiple Full Ironman distance events and the Eco Challenge. 

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Ryan Keiler

Throughout middle and high school, Ryan competed in many sports - everything from swimming to track and field. During college and afterwards Ryan trained for and ran 4 marathons. Despite enjoying the marathons, consistency in training was always a struggle and as children and a career came along his training suffered.

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James Cozine

As a professional mariner, coming up with unique and challenging ways to train has become a true passion of mine. I train both on the ocean and at home focusing on maintaining a sustainable approach to fitness that is challenging and fun.

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William Ursprung

After serving in both the Army and Navy and receiving his degree in Marine Technology, he began a career as a deep-sea diver medic technician where he provided routine and emergency medical care in remote locations around the globe. With his passion for diving and healthcare, he transitioned to working as a hyperbaric technologist in several leading hospitals in East Texas.

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Michael Bunke

Michael is first and foremost the father of two wonderful daughters. He has been in law enforcement since 2007 and is a veteran of the Army National Guard. He has a love for fitness that started as a teenager and has grown since.

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