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Manuel Lujan

Where many coaches have a history of fitness and sports before becoming a coach, Manuel’s background is rather different. During high school, he spent most of his time in the marching band and dabbled in fitness competitions through JROTC. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps reserves where he was educated on the importance of fitness and initially introduced to CrossFit. After leaving the Marine Corps and becoming a police officer in Texas, Manuel was reintroduced to CrossFit and became acquainted with the idea of a tactical fitness which led him to discover Garage Gym Athlete and End of Three Fitness. Manuel has since become a huge supporter of the garage gym lifestyle and was also dubbed the resident fitness expert at his department. While he was able to obtain his CrossFit Level 1 certification, he felt there was a need to understand programming in more detail. This led him back to End of Three Fitness where he earned his EO3 Coaching Certification. When he isn’t at work, Manuel spends his time chasing his dogs and cats in between trying to keep up with his wife during metal concerts and obstacle course races. Any other time he has is spent tinkering with his garage gym, nerding out on new games, and driving his wife nuts with how many books he orders.