Right now, you may have no plan or direction.

That's OK...We give you the plan, the program, the easy-to-use app, and a ton of educational resources.

But that’s the easy part.

What we really want to give you each day is a sense of relief because you know there is a team behind you guiding you every step of the way. Guiding you towards autonomy. A team invested in your long-term success and education.

So whether you are stuck in a desk most of the day or currently following random workouts on a path to nowhere - there is another way.

Welcome to End of Three Fitness!



The Fitness Industry is a scary place. But not here. 

We are the ones who do things right: no shortcuts or easy fixes. We offer optimal training and a dialed-in lifestyle approach based on research and data.

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Tenet #1: EO3 Elements

We don't care what program you follow (well, we'd prefer it be ours) or what kind of result you are looking for; EO3 Elements are the prerequisites to your success. No exceptions. 

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Tenet #2: Concurrent Training

Is there an ideal way to train? Yes, it's called Concurrent Training. But it's only ideal if you are looking to live a long time while increasing mental and physical performance. 

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Tenet #3: Body Geometry

Through over a decade of training and over 2,000,000 training sessions we created Body Geometry. This tenet keeps athletes safe, healthy, and optimal by fixing imbalances and increasing your efficiency and quality of how you move.

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Meet Yourself Saturday

The OPTIONAL TENET: We do REALLY hard workouts...ON SATURDAY. 

The kind of workouts that make you "meet yourself". Where you start to question if you should quit, slow down, or tap out. Make no mistake, our training will improve you just as much mentally as it will physically. 

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We help Real People and Coaches

We have the athletes who are doing incredible things and seeing phenomenal results. Our members aren’t professional athletes; they are people - regular everyday people who decided the status quo was not good enough for them.

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If you are an athlete looking to for us to do the programming for you, click the button below. 

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If you are a coach, or looking to get started, and want to learn our method, click the button below.

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Plug The Holes In Your Fitness

Lifting weight and doing some conditioning is not the point. It’s how applying different lifting methods and utilizing all energy systems will help you build the capabilities you want, loosen your restrictions, and open up new ways to tackle life.

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The Team

If you are done with the dark side full of Instagram models and random programming, then you are ready to meet the team. 

Meet The Entire EO3 Team

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A podcast aimed at making your a dangerously-effective athlete. 

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