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Jerred Moon

Jerred Moon is the visionary behind End of Three Fitness as he aims to build better humans and redefine fitness and help put it in the terms of his athlete’s life. When not coaching, he’s a full-time husband, father, and athlete. Jerred has put in the work to develop the methods at End of Three Fitness. Years ago, he set out to understand what the fitness industry had to offer at the deepest level of programming and getting into the psyche of athletes to help them succeed. After finding nothing but shallow answers he started to develop his own methods.  

Jerred specializes in simple, effective fitness for the other guy, or fitness athlete. He’s a former Physical Training Leader and Fitness Program Manager within U.S Air Force Special Operations Command and he’s been featured in WOD Talk Magazine, Sweat RX Magazine, Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, The Art of Manliness, and more. He currently coaches and programs for hundreds of athletes from military operators to stay-at-home moms.