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The Barbell Programmer



No One Can Do The Work For You. But We Can Do The Programming.

The Barbell Programmer can change the way you program your conditioning workouts, forever. This tool can randomly generate a conditioning workout for you on any given day.

But don’t confuse randomly generated with… "random workout". Two words that make me cringe...

No, it’s not random. You pick your conditioning based on the lifting you did for that day; i.e. you did Olympic lifting, an upper body lift, or lower body lift; the Barbell Programmer will generate a three-movement barbell-specific conditioning workout which will compliment your strength work for the day.

It’s what most people are missing in their training routines.

It’s backed by sound training principles, theories and strength science. And we have been testing it for a long time. And it can truly change the way you structure your training.

And if you’ve been struggling with combining strength and conditioning THE RIGHT WAY, you need this tool. Because we all know balancing a high level of strength with a high level of conditioning can be a challenge.

Honestly, it’s something I’ve dedicated my life to for the last several years, and I am happy to offer this tool to you now!

To your PRs,

Jerred Moon
CEO & Founder, End of Three Fitness

The Barbell Programmer

10,000+ Workout Combinations - If you start today and do one workout from this tool every single day, you'll run out of workouts in about 27 years...

Movement-Specific ConditioningWhether you squatted, deadlifted, or snatched, the programmer will generate a barbell conditioning workout that jives with your training.

Accelerated ResultsOnce you start focusing your conditioning efforts to compliment your strength training, you will accelerate your results.

100% No Questions GuaranteeIf you’re not happy…I’m not happy. So if you don’t love it, I’ll refund your money and you can keep the programmer.

$7.00 USD