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"I agree with their focus on the mindset of the athlete and the motivational tactics they use in the platform." 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have athletes of all ages, backgrounds, etc. Completing the fitness test will help see where you are in. We have recruit level programs in our Training Center that many athletes have started with before going into the Garage Gym Athlete daily programming. 

Our training has helped military personnel prep for deployment, athletes in top shape for Spartan races, and everything in between. One of the mottos we throw around here is "Beyond Prepared". No matter your goal, sport, or activity...we will keep you beyond prepared. 

No commitment. No contract. Join any time. Cancel anytime. Simply contact us in the app or email [email protected] to cancel at any time. 

Without a doubt a barbell, plates and a rack. Other things we use a lot are pull up bar, kettlebells, jump rope, sometimes plyo box's, wall balls. If you have a weighted vest and/or ruck sack, we use those too!

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