An EO3 Coach has the ability to create programs for specific objectives, effective training sessions, nutrition guidelines, strategies for training different methods and systems, and much, much more. 


Be more more than just a trainer.

Take a scientific, mathematical and methodical approach to physical training with an end-goal in sight.

Learn to evaluate weaknesses and plan accordingly. 

Develop skills other coaches simply don't have. 

Become data-driven from month-to-month. 

Analyze benchmarks and milestones to calculate the best individualized programs.

Develop plans where work capacity and volume are coordinated to match exactly with what is needed; to get athletes (or yourself) where they want to go.  


We don’t believe in leaving training to personal intuition, gut feelings, hairs on the back of your neck, little devils or angels sitting on your shoulders.

No, we believe in the numbers, we believe in the science and we believe in results.

Proven methods and grunt work over experimentation.

If we have you doing it, it’s been designed and tested; whether our own creations or modifications of proven methodology.

We'll teach you everything we know. 



Learn and adapt. If something isn’t working - change it. Can’t find the way - you create it. Someone else is doing something amazing - learn to analyze it.

The most important aspect of becoming an EO3 Certified Coach is the “behind the scenes programming”...what others don’t see.

What others don’t see are the excel spreadsheets with formulas and algorithms calculating total volume and work capacity for athletes.

The graphs of strength training performance over time, benchmarks and max efforts.

Turns out math is important.

Keep it simple; but intelligently simple.