INTRODUCING: Basic Training

How to Kickstart Your ZERO to HERO Journey...and a REAL Life Health & Performance Transformation

“Basic Training” is a strength and conditioning program that PAYS OFF!!  


A very simple introduction to high intensity training. The main goal of this program is to improve your intensity with simple metabolic conditioning. We start and end with a baseline workout to gauge your progress. If you are rather new to varied, and intense, training sessions this is your start.





The OBVIOUS goal of this program is to Increase Overall Conditioning, but the not-so-obvious goal is to help you avoid spinning your wheels and utilize a real training program to meet your performance goals while getting the body you want.


Equipment List: Barbell, Plates, Rack/Stands for Barbell, Jump Rope, Kettlebell, Pull-up Bar.


This program requires a 5-day per week commitment for 6 weeks, and workouts take about 30-40 minutes per day. But here’s the deal...If You COMMIT...We DELIVER!! GUARANTEED.



BASIC TRAINING is a 6-week training program that gives you the tools and resources to see the progress you want with minimal equipment.

6-Week Program

6 weeks in length and it is a structured & comprehensive plan designed to make you better. Whether you are a busy professional, weekend warrior, crossfitter, athlete, someone who wants to chase their kids around the park, or looking to get strong; it's built for you.


Our programming is not only extremely effective, it is crazy efficient. All training is done in blocks where any given training session is never longer than an hour. Because we know you want results without sacrificing your entire life to get them.


Inside our training portal or private facebook group, you will find a thriving community of like-minded individuals all after the same goal. We have an awesome online community of ultra-supportive athletes.

What's Inside The Program?

Athlete Brief Videos

Athlete Brief Videos

Every training session and rest day is accompanied with what we call an "Athlete Brief" Video. These videos are a few minutes in length and breakdown how to execute that day's training and possible scaling options, if needed. Having "briefed" 1,000's of workouts for many athletes -- we know what questions you have, before you have them.

The Training Center

The Training Center

Every Day is Programmed for You, so You Have Nothing to Worry About. Each day is broken down for you -- even when to rest and what to do on rest days. When you finish a training day, you can add your results to the comments section, mark complete and move on to the next one. Now, you have one place to track your training and log your results. This is also where you can interact with coaches.

Video Library

Video Library

Quit Googling Exercises, We Have it All Here. We have an ever-expanding video library where YOU know what WE mean when we refer to certain exercises. The goal is the make sure you have a thorough tutorial on all the major movements and a solid demonstration of how to perform any of the smaller accessory movements.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

Your access DOES NOT expire. You get access to our member's area where we store all your tools, programs and courses. It will always be accessible in one place. And that access will NEVER expire.


“Jerred Moon your programming is just absolute perfect for what my body needs. Since the start of grind my PR in back squat has gone up 60lbs from 200lbs to 260lbs and my PR in deadlift has gone up 50lbs from 300lbs to 350lbs I am so amped for SHRED!!!!!”

~ Scott Miller

“I am stronger and better conditioned than ever before. I am 30 years old and my primary goal is to be strong and healthy so I can be active and reduce my injury risks. Garage Gym Athlete has and continue to help me realize that goal!”

~ Caleb

“Jerred "gets it." He programs for the rest of us. Busy people, working hard, taking care of our families, but who want to be as strong and fit as we can be. People who want to be challenged, want to work hard and see measurable results. All from our garage gyms.”

~ Douglas

“Since I've been with the program I have increased 35lbs in my back squat and 30lbs in my deadlift. The biggest thing is the convenience of working out from home than spending time and extra money at the membership of the gym”

~ Ren

“Garage Gym Athlete has been instrumental in changing both the way I approach my workouts and the effectiveness of their results. Each workout is designed to fit within a certain amount of time enabling me to confidently plan the rest of my day around my training”

~ Matt


You Do Have Options, But Only ONE Makes Sense for YOU

$74 once

  • ✓ Daily Programming for Duration of Program ($47 value)
  • ✓ Daily Athlete Brief Videos ($37 value) 
  • ✓ Private Facebook Group ($47/mo value)
  • ✓ HD Video Library ($67 Value)
  • ✓ Lifetime Access to the BASIC TRAINING Program
  • ✓ Community Access/Coaching
    (feedback from coaches and athletes)
Get Instant Access
$25 /mo

  • ✓ 3 EO3 Challenge Workouts Per Week ($37/mo value)
  • ✓ Access to Training Software and iOS App ($67/mo value)
  • ✓ ALL Future Training Center Program Releases
  • ✓ Hard(er) To Kill: 6-Week GPP Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ One Bar Blaze: 4-Week Barbell Program ($49 value)
  • ✓ Foundation: 4-Week Foundational Program ($49 value)
  • ✓ Red Pill: 3-Week Bodyweight Program ($37 value)
  • ✓ Gravity: 3-Week Squat Program ($37 value)
  • ✓ Strength & Engine: 5-Week Program ($59 value)
  • ✓ Better Human: 6-Week Well-Rounded Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ Basic Training: 6-Week Basic Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ Be the Elephant: 6-Week Olympic Power Program ($74 value)
  • ✓ Tree Trunk: 3-Week Squat Every Day Program ($37 value)
  • ✓ Insomniac: 7-Week Olympic Power Program ($87 value)
  • ✓ The Ultimate WOD Log ($21 value)
  • ✓ Community Facebook Group ($47/mo value)
  • ✓ HD Video Library ($67 value)
  • ✓ Healthy Recipes ($47 value)
  • ✓ 21-Day Mindset Course (pricelss)
Join The CREW
$47 /mo

  • Daily Programming 5-Days Per Week ($47/mo value) 
  • Access to Training Software and iOS App ($67/mo value)
  • Premier Program Access (SHRED, BUILD, & ACCELERATE) ($621 value) 
  • Unlimited Video Reviews ($97/mo value)
  • Block Programming to Maximize Your Time 
  • Skype Coaching Calls ($119/mo value)
  • Free Merch
  • 24/7 Community and Coaching Support 
Join GGA

End of Three Fitness is Different


Yes, you can find other training programs and resources online, but an End of Three Fitness Training Program is unique because it's built and coached by those who actually USE the programming and online training we provide to YOU!

We’re creating training for the in-the-trenches of life type of person. The one who wants to get stronger, faster and fitter but still on a “time budget”.

Maybe it's not getting tired while playing with your kids, maybe its a better quality of life, or maybe it is just becoming a BETTER HUMAN BEING... 

Whatever your 'why', we get it. 

Welcome to End of Three Fitness!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve read this far, then I know that you’re serious but there could be a few thoughts running through your mind. Things like…

QUESTION: What is the Training Center?

ANSWER: It's not an ebook or series of PDFs and it's definitely not just an excel spreadsheet with sets and reps...

This program may be relatively low-cost (with all you get), but you become one of OUR athletes (which we care a lot about).

And for that reason, you get access to our Training Center.…

The Training Center is more like a home, or toolbox, for your training…Online.

Here's how it works:

In the last 48 months my team and I have:

- Had 1,000’s of athletes go through our programs...
- Trained 100’s of athletes one-on-one…
- And had an overwhelming amount of PRs, testimonials, and overall have helped create a lot of better humans...

And along the way we have learned A LOT. We know Athletes need a place they can interact, access their training, and learn how to do things the right way.

Inside the Training Center we produce RESULTS. If you want a simple one-dimensional program, go download an iPhone app. The Training Center is all about taking action and getting results.

QUESTION: Why $74 once vs. $25 per month??

ANSWER: Really, we want you to join our growing community of athletes where you will find community, accountability and so much more!!

But the full price is there if you want to OWN the program and aren't interested in all of the other perks and programs that come with joining the CREW. 

But here's why it is $74 for lifetime access:

1. $74 puts this information within the reach of everyone…from on-a-budget Garage Gym Athletes all the way to those the most dedicated to having a training program. It comes out to just over $10 per week of training -- let's face it. You'll spend more on Starbucks this month. 

2. Eveyone wants free, but no one respects free. This price weeds out the freebie-seekers (non-action takers). We only want action takers here, and in our experience charging anything…even if it’s just a buck… gets rid of 99% of the chuckle-heads who will never finish the program, and never see results. We want those who will commit to the program, see results and share them with our team.

3. We’ve tested it — And this program works. We’ve had hundreds of Athletes share positive results with this program, and we know it's worth way more than $74, but we want you to join our community with the tiniest investment possible which is why we also have the $25/mo option.

We also believe that once you experience one of our programs, you'll never look back.

But that's it…No fine print…no "hidden trials"…no shenanigans.

Just the program you need and the results you want. We provide options to make your decision as easy as possible. 

QUESTION: How long will it take to get access?

ANSWER: Immediate.

Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and you will be taken straight to the Training Center with your program ready to go right away!

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee? 

ANSWER: Yep…all our training programs have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

“Basic Training” is a strength and conditioning program that PAYS OFF!! A very simple introduction to high intensity training. The main goal of this program is to improve your intensity with simple metabolic conditioning. We start and end with a baseline workout to gauge your progress. If you are rather new to varied, and intense, training sessions this is your start.

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